Axis Deer

Serengeti Game Ranch has an excellent Axis deer herd. We harvest a limited number of trophy bucks each year. Our Axis deer hunts, both bucks and doe, are guided by an experienced guide. We normally hunt our Axis from comfortable hunting blinds which allows the hunter to fully survey the size of the animal they are interested in harvesting. Our Axis bucks have a unique genetic trait in that they more often than not have “kicker” points at the junction of the brow tines and the main beam, which adds a great deal of character. Our Axis bucks are priced according to overall main beam length of the longest main beam:

Axis deer on Serengeti Game Ranch in the Texas Hill CountryAxis Deer
  • 24” $2000
  • 25” $2100
  • 26” $2200
  • 27” $2300
  • 28” $2400
  • 29” $2500
  • 30” $2600
  • 31” $2700
  • 32” $2800
  • 33” $2900
  • 34” $3000
  • 35” $3100
  • 36” $3200

Axis doe are $350 each. When an Axis doe is harvested in conjunction with a trophy Axis buck hunt the Axis does are $250 each. We welcome youth hunts and this makes for a great family-type hunt where a family can hunt and enjoy a great family experience.

Our Axis buck and doe prices include field preparation, skinning, and quartering. Our Axis buck and doe prices DO NOT include caping, processing, taxidermy, and hunting licenses. In addition our Axis buck and doe prices DO NOT include meals and lodging. Meals and lodging are available for an additional $300 per hunter or $150 for a non-hunting guest.